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Convertible Bond 2014/2019

Heliocentris Energy Solutions AG issued a up to 13.9 million Euro convertible bond on January 21, 2014, which has been utilized by EUR 11.2 million. The unsecured, unsubordinated convertible bond had a maturity of 3 years which was extended by two years in January 2016. The initial conversion price was EUR 8.00. The coupon of the convertible has been set at 4.00 percent, payable semi-annually in arrears.

The convertible is listed at the Open Market (Freiverkehr) segment of the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange.

Conversion Price Adjustment (PDF)


Publication of the resolutions of the Bondholders’ Meeting (PDF)

Terms and Conditions AFTER AMENDMENT (PDF)




Key Terms & Conditions


EUR 11.2 million

Principal Amount

Euro 1,000 per Note (the "Principal Amount"), aggregate Principal Amount of up to EUR 13.9 million

Issue Date

21 January, 2014

Maturity Date

16 January, 2019 (5 years)


Unsecured obligations of the Issuer ranking pari passu with all the Issuer's other present and future unsubordinated and unsecured obligations

Redemption Price

108.064 % of the Principal Amount


4.00 % per annum

Interest Payment Date

Payable semi-annually in arrears on 16 July and 16 January in each year

Current Conversion Price

EUR 6.50 per Share

Conversion Ratio

The Conversion Ratio will be calculated dividing the Repayment Amount by the Conversion Price applicable on the Conversion Date.

Conversion Period

The Conversion Right may be exercised at the option of the holder from 4 February 2014 until the close of business on the day falling 3 business days prior to the Maturity Date. Certain excluded periods apply

Clearing House

Clearstream Frankfurt

Clearing Codes

ISIN Code: DE000A1YC020
German WKN: A1YC02

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