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Hybrid Power Solutions

Flexible solutions for green field or retrofit.


Mobile telecom networks are continually expanding, often into regions with limited access to the power grid (off-grid) or where the existing grid is unreliable (bad grid).


Based on Heliocentris' Energy Management System  we offer hybrid power solutions (also referred to as clean energy solutions) for supplying electricity generated on site to stationary industrial applications such as a BTS. Such solutions combine energy produced from various sources such as diesel, fuel, solar and wind, with energy storage such as batteries or fuel cells with the Heliocentris Energy Manamgement System.



The hybrid power solutions enable our customers to save up to 60% in operating costs, reduce up to 50% of CO2 emissions and ensure a power availability of on average more than 98.5% of diesel-powered telecommunication base stations.


Depending on the specific site characteristics Heliocentris designs solutions that are highly flexible to seamlessly upgrade to Solar, Wind or Fuel Cell Hybrid Solutions and optimize installed power and infrastructure equipment.

The Basis - Genset Efficiency

Cut costs and emissions.


The Genset Efficiency Solution is specially designed for diesel generator powered telecommunication sites. Customers achieve OPEX reductions of up to 70% through optimized diesel generator hybridization combined with intelligent battery and cooling management.

Extend Genset Efficiency to Solar or Wind Hybrid Power solutions.

Solar Hybrid

Fully flexible systems designed for TCO optimized solutions.


Heliocentris Solar Hybrid Systems consist of thoroughly tested and qualified components of reputable suppliers which are fully integrated into our Energy Management System (EMS).

Very low OPEX costs and maintenance needs make them a very attractive solution in almost any network. For very remote off-grid sites we offer pure solar systems which hardly need any maintenance.

Wind Hybrid

Low OPEX on wind exposed sites.


Wind hybrid is a solution designed to deliver low operating costs on wind exposed bad and Off grid  sites. It combines the advantages of battery diesel combinations delivering efficient diesel usage and high uptimes with a large share of wind energy.




Fuel Cell Hybrid

Combine the advantage of fuel cells and renewable energies.


Heliocentris` systems are ready made for extensions and allow for the subsequent integration of a variety of new technologies such as fuel cells. Heliocentris fuel cell solutions are hydrogen-based and developed in-house. The product line is called Jupiter.


Fuel Cell Hybrid is designed to deliver low operating costs on bad and off-grid  sites. It combines the advantages of fuel cells and renewable energies, delivering a silent backup with low theft risk, high uptimes and a large share of renewable energies.

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