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Grid Backup Solutions

Uninterruptible power and backup.


Unreliable grid conditions result in frequent, even daily, power outages that last for extended or, at best, shorter periods of time. In these markets, the need for backup power is an ongoing operational requirement for telecom operators. Heliocentris offers backup solutions for different types of grid conditions and applications.

Jupiter Fuel Cell Systems

Robust power for reliable communications.


Heliocentris fuel cells solutions are hydrogen-based fuel cell systems or solutions, which offer an uninterrupted power supply solution to back-up critical infrastructure such as professional radio network stations, backbone or rooftop sites.

The product line of Heliocentris Fuel Cell Solutions is called Jupiter.




Field proven fuel cell technology combined with best in class electrolysers.


GenStore™ systems are a natural evolution of Jupiter fuel cell systems, complementing and integrating field proven Helociontris fuel cell technology with best in class electrolysers. The combination with electrolysers allows for local generation and storage of hydrogen, eliminating the need for fuel logistics.


GenStore™ fuel cell and electrolyser systems are purpose designed for critical infrastructures with extended backup time requirements where highest availability and environmental standards are mandated while fuel logistics are otherwise prohibitive or less favorable.

Target applications

  • Base station controllers (BSC’s) in telecom networks.
  • Base stations in professional mobile radio (PMR) networks located in rural environment allowing


Cost efficient. Silent. Compact.


Designed for frequent but predictable outages in good and bad grid areas, the GridBox is very cost efficient, silent, compact and literally maintenance free as no genset is needed.


Main advantage is the elimination of noise, fuel theft and genset maintenance. The GridBox is a turnkey solution which contains modern lead acid batteries, active battery cooling and further equipment to suite a huge variety of specific site needs. The GridBox cabinet can be placed alongside with a BTS Shelter and is designed for easy installation.

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