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Fuel Cell Solutions

Always-on power.


Fuel Cell Solutions have developed into a true alternative for Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and Backup Power during the recent years, especially when extended autonomy times and high availability are required. Heliocentris fuel cell solutions are hydrogen-based fuel cell systems or solutions, which as an emergency generating unit offer an uninterrupted power supply solution to back-up critical infrastructure such as professional radio network stations of the German police.


The product line of Heliocentris Fuel Cell Solutions is called Jupiter.

Robust power for reliable communications.

Jupiter Fuel Cell Solutions are designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany to the highest reliability standards and are customisable for the most demanding requirements.

Core to every Jupiter System are 19” or 23” fuel cell modules running on hydrogen and providing up to 2.5 kW power each. They can be easily combined to meet site-specific power requirements. Low complexity design, careful selection of components and usage of industrial grade hydrogen as fuel allow for highest availability and efficiency. They require very low maintenance and operate silently with no vibrations and zero emissions.

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