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Training Systems

For Higher Level Education/Training

Dr FuelCell Professional

Demonstration Unit for Solar & Hydrogen Technology

The ideal system for presentations in front of your class. The Dr FuelCell® Professional represents a complete energy circuit.
Prepared hands-on experiments facilitate the transfer of knowledge. Also designed to be used in combination with the Dr FuelCell® Science Kit of Heliocentris. 




Clean Energy Trainer

Experiment Set for Energy Generation, Storage and Supply

Set of components for observing the entire energy conversion chain as well as individual technologies of wind, solar and hydrogen power.




HyDrive - Electric Vehicle Trainer

Experimentierset zur Vermittlung von Brennstoffzellentechnologie in Elektrofahrzeugen

The HyDrive provides students with a hands-on experiment set to examine the construction, functionality and benefits of fuel cell and hybrid electric vehicles. The Electric Vehicle Trainer assists teachers in conveying the scientific principles behind this technology.





Fuel Cell Trainer

50 W Fuel Cell Training System

The start into teaching engineering basics related to the working principles of a fuel cell system. Realistic, extensive experimenting capabilities and optimized instruction material make it a comprehensive instruction package.
Also available as an integration kit for application projects.





Hybrid Energy Lab-System

1.2 kW Fuel Cell and Battery Hybrid System for Laboratory Applications

A Fuel Cell – Battery Hybrid System that enables users to understand & research individual components and system behavior under various hybrid set-ups. Designed as a lab to support engineering courses focussed on the application of fuel cells, battery technology, hybrid systems, energy management and energy storage.








Solar Hydrogen Trainer

Mobile Unit for Solar Hydrogen Production

Self-sufficient supply of fuel cell systems with regenerative hydrogen. This Extension can be combined with various Heliocentris products.


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