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Clean Energy Trainer

Experiment Set for Energy Generation, Storage and Supply

Set of components for observing the entire energy conversion chain as well as individual technologies of wind, solar and hydrogen power.

Users combine the single components to create optimized complete energy systems for fulfilling energy requirements of different loads.


Dr FuelCell Professional

Demonstration Unit for Solar & Hydrogen Technology

The ideal system for presentations in front of your class. The Dr FuelCell® Professional represents a complete energy circuit.

Prepared hands-on experiments facilitate the transfer of knowledge. Also designed to be used in combination with the Dr FuelCell® Science Kit of Heliocentris. 




Dr FuelCell Science Kit

Student Science Kit for Solar & Hydrogen Technology
The standard to teach renewable energies in chemistry and physics classes with sophisticated experiments. Students are encouraged to learn everything about the technology through independent experimentation - from a fuel cell to a solar module.





Dr FuelCell Model Car

This product as a gateway into solar and fuel cell technology and focusses on hands-on learning.
Teach students from grades 5-10 with interesting experiments. 


Science Education Products for Instruction at Schools or Introductory Lectures

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