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On 01 December 2016, the local court Berlin-Charlottenburg resolved to open the insolvency proceedings over the assets of Heliocentris Energy Solutions AG, Heliocentris Industry GmbH, Heliocentris Fuel Cell Solutions GmbH and Heliocentris Academia GmbH. In each case, lawyer Joachim Voigt-Salus was appointed as insolvency administrator.

Odasco Heliocentris Europe GmbH, a subsidiary of Odeh Asalem Automation Systems - ODASCO LLC, Dubai, acquired the material assets of Heliocentris Industry GmbH at the Munich location and Heliocentris Fuel Cell Solutions GmbH at the Wendlingen location. The business operations of Heliocentris Industry GmbH and Heliocentris Fuel Cell Solutions GmbH at the locations named are continued by the purchaser. Information to ODASCO Heliocentris Europe GmbH will be available HERE shortly.

Heliocentris Academia International GmbH, a company of Horizon Educational group, acquired the material assets of Heliocentris Academia GmbH. The business operations of Heliocentris Academia GmbH are continued. Information to Heliocentris Academia International GmbH will be available HERE shortly.

The agreed asset deals have no direct effect on the stock market listing of the insolvent Heliocentris Energy Solutions AG in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. THIS LINK will take you to the investor relations section of the insolvent Heliocentris Energy Solutions AG.


New Heliocentris Hybrid Energy Lab

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Heliocentris Academia GmbH

Your Partner for Instruction in Renewable Energies, Energy Storage and Energy Management.

Knowledge about renewable energies and their storage have become a permanent fixture in our lives and will play an even greater role in the future. The education of students in this technology is a central element  of our mission. Heliocentris training products help students at schools, universities and research institutions to understand key concepts regarding renewable energy, energy management and energy storage. You will bring students closer to these complex technologies, while achieving the desired learning outcomes in a fun and interesting way. Heliocentris products will pique the interest of students and assist instructors in the key areas of science, Technology, engineering and Mathematics. Each product includes well written manuals, instructional material and software that is tailored to the key topics covered by the system. While the curriculum topics vary, they help give students the required knowledge to understand renewable energy systems.

Our products stand for:
» Curricular relevance and didactic quality
» Measurement precision and excellent workmanship
» High quality products and robust construction
» Simple and fast commissioning and operation
» Versatile areas of application in chemistry, physics and electrical engineering
» Target-group-specific documentation and experiments for students

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